Market inclusiveness data

As a financial services business we are there to provide safety nets for the countries and populations which we serve. This currently covers the US, UK and through our joint venture in India. Our Group Corporate Responsibility & Ethics Committee has responsibility for reviewing our work in this area.

We are increasingly seeing governments and shareholders asking us to play a stronger role in the provision of these safety nets to harder to reach parts of the population. We continue to track and act upon the market inclusion data in these markets, work with thought leaders typically from the not for profit sector to shape our views and deliver products and services that include more people.

Since our last report on market inclusion we have had a number of changes to our business which has changed the shape of the products we offer the UK Population. For example we sold Cofunds, Suffolk Life and Legal & General International Ireland which tended to be businesses that provided financial services for higher net worth clients.

We have new business lines actively solving some of the UK’s issues around health, housing and an ageing population including Legal & General Home Finance (Equity release mortgages) and Legal & General Homes (providing modular housing).

In 2016 we have taken the opportunity to relook at the segmentation of the UK population and contrasted it with how well our products provide financial safety nets serve people.

The harder to reach segments ”Struggling young families" and “low income older couples” are a concern for us. We either do not have a suite of products to serve their needs or they are not in the market for any finance products. We are currently working with our marketing teams to challenge our distribution, product and services strategy with these groups.

This data centre is designed to provide you with data to analyse our business. If you have further questions please contact

L&G Customer base vs UK Population by Segment


L&G Group

UK Population

Segment 1 (Stuggling Stacey) – Struggling young families/single parents



Segment 2 (Striving Anu) – Young professionals



Segment 3 (Maximise Martin) – Affluent young families



Segment 4 (Secure Sally) – Comfortable empty nesters



Segment 5 (Tightrope Tina) – Low income older singles/couples



Segment 6 (Platinum Peter) – Wealthy couples retired/approaching retirement



Segment 7 (Golden Arthur) – Comfortable in retirement