About the report

We’ve written our sustainability report primarily for institutional investors, customers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government researchers, employees and others with a particular professional interest in our approach to sustainability.

This report complements our Annual Report and Accounts for 2016. It provides additional commentary on how we achieve our financial success by while taking economic, social and environmental factors into account.

Reporting standards

This year, we reviewed our stakeholder feedback for the group from a wide variety of stakeholders. This report is in accordance with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and contains Standard Disclosures for Core level from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards) (launched in November 2016).

The report covers disclosure from all of the Legal & General Group businesses in the United Kingdom and United States, with selective disclosure on joint venture in India. During 2016 we sold businesses in France and the Netherlands and in the UK sold Cofunds and Suffolk Life.

What we report

Every year we identify priority issues by talking to our key stakeholders directly, inviting them to come and share their concerns.  We assess them against our strategy, purpose and values. Specifically, we assess feedback and queries globally from our customers, employees, shareholders, regulators and NGOs, as well as media commentary. We gather insight from and engage with major investors, through investor road shows and by contributing to various indices and surveys. Our campaigns are a result of how we use the skills and experience to shape new products and understand our customers’ needs for the future.

This is our 12th Corporate Responsibility Report. In 2005, we published our first full Corporate Responsibility Report detailing our performance and targets to our critical stakeholders and have since done so every year. This is a continuation of the 2015 CSR report which you can find in our archive.

We haven’t restated any data or information. We’ve increased the scope of the amount of reporting based upon stakeholder feedback in specific areas.  Figures quoted on carbon, community investment, employee numbers, customer numbers, investments and financials (tax, assets under management, investments) are shown in our annual report and independently verified.    

All other data is collected through our own internal systems which are internally and externally managed. Our internal audit will review these systems throughout the year. All facts and figures stated are from our own publications or public research available.   


This sustainability report covers the financial year from January to December 2016 (unless otherwise noted). In some cases, information for early 2017 is also included to give an up-to-date picture. Facts and figures refer to Legal & General Group Plc unless indicated otherwise.


We welcome feedback and questions from readers. Please direct them to:

Graham Precey
Head of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics
E: Graham.precey@landg.com
T (+44) (0) 203 124 2091

Sara Heald
Head of Community Involvement
E: Sara.Heald@group.landg.com
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