Public affairs

How we work with Government.

When approaching public policy work, we have a set of principles by which we engage government and policy makers.

We believe people should know what we do and what we stand for.

Our public policy principles:-

  1. We make no political donations.
  2. We are politically neutral, working with all parties, officials, regulators and other policy organisations in the jurisdictions we operate in.
  3. We work collaboratively both directly and through a range of industry representative bodies.
  4. We aim to deliver evidence-based, practical proposals for consideration by policy-makers.
  5. We aim to be experts and thought-leaders: we are an organisation rich in expertise that we’re willing to share with those responsible for formulating public policy.
  6. We are focused on delivering positive outcomes for customers, shareholders, investment markets, the broader economy and society.

2016 highlights on delivering public policy

We continue to comment on issues such as:

  • supporting jobs and growth through urban regeneration
  • changes to the pensions and ‘at retirement’ market
  • financial regulation – both conduct and prudential
  • corporate governance
  • risk sharing

Our engagement with government

As part of our dialogue, in 2016, we responded to over 60 Government and regulatory consultations, as well as shaping responses from trade and industry bodies.

Our main areas of discussion with Government in 2016 have included:

  • Financial regulation – UK and EU
    Reforms to both prudential and conduct regulation, for example Solvency II and the FCA's Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR)
  • Urban regeneration
    Engaging with EU, UK natural and regional government on direct investment into infrastructure and housing.
  • Risk sharing
    Discussion with UK government to improve financial resilience
  • Political background
    Keeping a close watch on the impact of political change